Other Projects

Here are some additional projects I've been involved with over the years.

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ReactJS / NextJS

ABB Proposal Builder

This app lets you create a proposal letter within minutes. With drag & drop proposal sections that are easy to modify. This works like google docs but focused more on proposal letter building. This app is now owned by American Business Bank.

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React WooCommerce

Using the same layout with NextJS Sanity E-commerce app. This version doesn't have the Stripe API installed. It is also powered by GraphQL and Wordpress as a headless CMS in the backend.

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React eCommerce

My first E-commerce website that is built with NextJS framework and AntD design system. The backend is a Headless WP with WooCommerce plugin.

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WOO Holiday Site

My company's holiday website with a little touch of parallax.

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WP React Typescript

My other personal project that helped me learn Typescript and made me realize how awesome it is for your project. After this project, I started to use Typescript in all of my next ReactJS, React Native & NextJS projects. This also taught me how to implement testing. I learned how to use JEST and Enzyme and it also made me realize how important testing is.

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React Native

Hungry Duma

This is my first ever React Native project that was published to the Google Play Store. I am using Headless WP for my backend. This project really helped me master React Native. It also taught me how to manage react-navigation properly as well.

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Freelancer Kiosk App

This is a simple app that records the Time In and Time Out of the company's interns. The submitted data is saved into the backend and can be exported easily.

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Shedynasy Podcast App

A podcast app for the Shedynasty.com website. This is one of the biggest apps that I developed. I learned a lot about handling huge data with the REST API and it also enhanced my Typescript knowledge as well.

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Probably, the biggest website that I developed so far. This is a pure Wordpress website with a lot of customizations. I built plugins for several features of this website. I also created a report that is made with ReactJS for this website.

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Built with CodeIgniter framework. Most of the time, I'm assigned to building Admin reports and site optimizations. I was also one of the developers who worked on its redesign.

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